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The Formula


This section will teach you the symmetry that needs to happen between you as a presenter and your audience.


What Do You Know About Your Decision Makers?
Retaining Information: Auditory, Visual, Senses
Visual PersuasionTM Defined

How it works?

Video Poster Image

Story, Theme and Concept Development:


This section will teach you the steps and strategies needed to build a visually persuasive story.


 Direct Your Decision Maker to Your Conclusion 
The Fence Post Model
Story, Theme and Visual Development
The Visually Persuasive StorytellingTM Process
Working as a Synergistic Unit

Anatomy of a Visually Persuasive Story:


This section will teach you the basic design principles that have proven to persuade countless decision makers.


Order vs. Organization
Grid Systems Applied
Color as a Persuasive Tool
Making Your Data Persuasive
Road Maps

Timelines That Talk:


As one of the most essential pieces in your visually persuasive story, timelines help you lay out your plan and guide viewers to your direct message and desired outcome.


 All Timelines are Not Created Equal
The Billboard Message
Explore Different Layout Ideas
Creating Direct Messages Relative to Time

Training Methods


These online courses will start with teaching you how to balance the 4 elements of persuasion. Additional courses are in production!


Group Training

This group program can be set up virtually for a 3 or 5 hour session. We ask participants to participate, as the program is interactive.

Group Training

Customized Training 

This hands-on experience will allow you to walk away not only with new knowledge but also the foundation materials of a live project.

Customized Training

Persuasion Boot Camp

This program is extremely customized. Juliet will meet clients to develop a tailor made solution that will solve real challenges.

Persuasion Boot Camp

Meet Your Trainer, Juliet Huck

Hear more about the Academy of Persuasion 

from persuasion strategist and founder, Juliet Huck

Blazing a trail in the uncharted territory of Persuasive Communications for 25 years, Juliet Huck has been retained by some of the nation’s most prestigious law firms and fortune 500 corporations. She has assisted in moving billion-dollar projects forward and securing billions of dollars in decisions through her proven process. From the Enron Litigation to a billion-dollar Exxon project, she has been involved in the strategic development and visual communications for some of the corporate world’s largest projects to date as well as the nation’s top high profile and high-dollar exposure litigation.

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Client Testimonials

“Juliet has distilled the core principles of persuasion and brought them to life.”


John O’Malley, Esq.
Norton Rose Fulbright

“There is always something new we can learn as Litigators and Juliet teaches me something new every time I spend time with her. She always has a different perspective on how to connect with our decision makers.”


Jim Pisanelli, Esq.
Pisanelli Bice

“Juliet’s explanation of how to tell a story persuasively, as well as her countless insights into the minds of today’s jurors, combine to provide an invaluable framework for attorneys to use in future trials.”


Samuel R. Mirkovich, Esq.
Campbell & Williams



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You will learn the difference between informing and persuading others.

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You will gain the winning edge to persuade people of all ages, education levels and ethnic backgrounds.

Benefit Three

You will learn how to design visual presentations to lead your decision maker to your desired outcome.

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